Rebecca Kaechele


With over 10 years nursing experience in ICU, ER, Oncology, and Functional Medicine, Rebecca has always been passionate about helping others. Throughout her nursing career, she noticed that chronic illness was a major problem, but there was little done to uncover the true root cause. She had always been one to dig for answers, and understand the why. Thus, she pursued a masters degree – to evaluate and educate patients to achieve optimal health.

Her own past athletic and nutrition pursuits align with her desire to achieve optimal health. She has completed 7 half marathons and 6 marathons, including qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Rebecca first joined Raden in 2017 as the third nurse ever hired, and remained on board with Raden until moving in May 2020. After receiving her Nurse Practitioner degree, she rejoins Raden as a nurse practitioner.


IV Therapy Academy Certified

Member of American Association for Nurse Practitioners

Doctor of Nursing Practice Student


Nurse Practitioner, Athletic Performance, Oncology, Functional Medicine

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