Dr. Mara Ivy Raden


Years of experience working in an ER and ICU helped Dr. Mara Raden come to the understanding that Western medicine as we know it is great at providing acute care in instances of injury or trauma, but not so great at treating diseases at their root causes. Her own search for solutions to chronic illness in her personal life led her to study environmental medicine, ozone therapy, and integrative approaches to health. Today, she specializes in innovative IV therapies and longevity medicine — empowering her patients to live happier, healthier, and more energetic lives. Dr. Mara is disrupting the status quo and ushering in the future of medicine.

As the Clinical Director of Raden Wellness, Dr. Mara works with a wide variety of patients: corporate executives looking to create healthier work environments, currently healthy adults, children and seniors who want to optimize their overall health, individuals battling chronic pain or fighting disease, elite athletes looking to reach the next level and more.


American Academy of Ozone Therapy Fellowship
Advanced IV Nutritional Therapies Workshop


IV therapies, chronic illness, athletic performance, precision medicine, general wellness

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