Our Mission

To promote health, prevent disease, and increase the longevity of patients of all types, from elite athletes and those suffering from chronic illness, to children, seniors, and every age in between.

Functional medicine is true healing.

Decades of medical experiences have led us to believe that while conventional medicine is great at providing acute care, it’s not so great at discovering, resolving, or preventing the underlying causes of disease.

In contrast to the “band-aid” approach to wellness, our practitioners employ both traditional and science-based, integrative methods to reveal the root cause of your symptoms and create a 100% personalized plan for healing.

Raden Wellness Functional Medicine Chicago

Raden testing is individualized care.

We believe that each patient is unique, so your testing should be as well.

Our comprehensive testing is designed to reveal the functioning of your biological symptoms as a whole, from potential imbalances in hormones, nutrient levels, and toxic loads to immune dysregulation and mitochondrial health, any of which may be causing your symptoms.

Our highly qualified practitioners dedicate themselves to carefully analyzing your results and developing a clear picture of your current health — plus an individualized plan to get you where you want to be.

When possible, we offer convenient onsite lab testing for shorter wait times and faster results. For certain tests, we work with trusted partner labs with quick, accurate turnarounds to ensure your care is always at the highest level.

Our comprehensive testing services encompass a range of important assessments such as gut microbiome analysis, stress response/cortisol, mold and mycotoxins, food sensitivities and allergies genomic testing, SIBO/SIFO, and many more.

Some tests may be covered by insurance, allowing for direct billing to your provider for added convenience. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our standard is that there is no “standard” lab panel. We firmly believe in tailoring lab panels to suit your specific needs, rejecting the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Raden in the news.

“Raden Wellness helps people who’ve spent years unsuccessfully looking for answers from medical professionals to treat a physical or psychological illness. Through innovative use of laboratory testing, Raden Wellness gives patients a definitive diagnosis and develops an individualized treatment plan to help them regain their health”

– CS Magazine

Raden Programs

Enrolling in one of our programs is a commitment you make to yourself to live your healthiest life, while saving time and money.