Intro to Wellness

Transform your health this year.

Raden’s team of Practitioners & Registered Nurses employ thoughtful investigation and innovative medical testing to provide you with the tools and therapies to obtain and sustain your optimal health and wellness. 

Whether you’re interested in peptides, IV therapy, or looking for a general overview on your health, Raden is here to support you on your journey.

Ways to Invest in Your Health 

We are committed to support you on your path towards optimal health. Schedule an Educational Call to delve into all of Raden’s offering, opt for a Peptide Consultation to discuss our peptide offering, schedule an IV consultation to explore our IV treatments, or complete the form below for our Intro to Wellness Offer.


For questions, email or call 773-598-6995

Terms & Conditions

*Ongoing support, including follow up appointments, protocols and therapies are not included in Raden’s Introductory Offer. Additional labs may be required by a Raden Practitioner and incur additional cost.

**The Baseline Biomarker Test, IV Push and Biometric Screening must be completed at Raden Wellness Highwood or Raden Wellness Lincoln Park for the $99 price.

***The $199 offer does not apply to patients who cannot come in to Raden Wellness. Out of state patients, please inquire with