Our Partnership with Balance Psychotherapy

What is Balance Psychotherapy.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Balance Psychotherapy. With this partnership, Raden is able to provide ongoing therapeutic and medical care to our patients and theirs.

Along with Raden, Balance Psychotherapy therapists are trauma informed with experience guiding clients with Ketamine Therapy. This integrative approach to ketamine therapy benefits patients as they learn to navigate emotions, and reach emotional breakthrough. The combination of guided therapeutic sessions along with our ketamine infusions truly is an incredible tool. Our protocol creates an environment for our patients to do the hard work and to experience lasting benefits.

Balance Psychotherapy is a trauma based practice located near Fulton Market, Chicago. They work with adult clients that are ready to dive into self-exploration and acknowledgement of how present and past experiences affect their current life experience, relationship with self and others. Their approach to therapy is one where they honor and respect each individual’s background, values, belief systems, and general world view. When working with clients, Balance Psychotherapy likes to offer possibilities of acquiring self-leadership skills, new ways of coping and exploring long lasting change.

The Process

At Raden, we recommend six-sessions to allow for one to build upon the next, helping patients go deeper into intentions, discover new areas of self improvement, and continue to tackle areas or goals in life.

After these Ketamine Therapy sessions, you can continue on your health journey with talk therapy sessions at Balance Psychotherapy. We understand integration is a lifelong process, yet the initial integration after a Ketamine protocol is key to having longer lasting shifts about life, self and others.

After a ketamine session, physical and emotional experiences can occur and we recognize the need to explore further – what exactly do those mean to you? Working on this with a therapist or guide will help you explore deeper in a safe and contained manner.

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