Cancer Risk Reduction Program

A Naturopathic Medicine and Personalized Approach

Cancer unfortunately affects millions of people every year.

It’s a daunting diagnosis that can leave patients feeling helpless and overwhelmed. At Raden Wellness, we understand that reducing cancer risk is just as important as treatment. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive Cancer Risk Reduction Program that utilizes the power of naturopathic medicine and a personalized approach.

The Program

Meet Dr. Shelly Smekens, Our Naturopathic Oncology Expert

Shelly Smekens is a naturopathic physician who specializes in supporting patients through all stages of cancer from prevention, active treatment and survivorship.

As a naturopath physician and licensed dietitian, she combines the best conventional primary care with a functional approach to health. Providing a personalized approach, Shelly leverages her extensive experience at Cancer Treatment Centers of America to guide her patients safely through even the most complex diagnoses. Her deep upstanding and familiarity with conventional oncology protocols, drug interactions, and nutrition enables her to provide a comprehensive approach to the cancer patient.

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