Healthy Cells Make Healthy Humans

Your health is dependent on the efficiency of your cells.
The cell is the building block of all living organisms (as you probably remember from Biology 101). Each cell’s primary objective is to adapt to stressors in order to maintain balance. However, its ability to adjust to stress varies based on external and internal factors. As excessive stress is placed on the cell through factors (insults), such as excessive carbohydrate intake, lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, recurrent infections, over exercising, and the natural aging process, the cell will lose its efficiency, resulting in errors.
These errors will impact the cell’s ability to produce optimal energy and manufacture signaling agents, called peptides, that allow the body to maintain homeostasis. Cellular inefficiency will not only affect nearby cells by way of localized inflammatory activation, but also distant cells through improper cell signaling to remote systems of the body.
The bottom line: if your cells function poorly, disease and illness are more likely to occur

The Raden Approach

Our focus is improving cellular efficiency. Through thoughtful analysis, we identify biological insults impacting cellular efficiency and develop personalized, progressive protocols to promote cellular homeostasis.

  • Biomarker Testing & Analysis – Objective measures of cellular flexibility, efficiency, and survival
  • Personalized Protocols: Custom interventions such as nutrients (via oral, subcutaneous or IV administration), peptides, ozone therapy, exosomes, certain medications to optimize cellular efficiency
  • Lifestyle Guidance: Suggestions based on objective data that improve athletic and dietary protocols

Who We Help

Athletic Recovery & Athletic Performance

Weight Loss


General Health

Brain Health (Memory / Focus)

Gut Health

Covid Care

Men & Women’s Health

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Protocols to Address Cellular Insults:

Customized IV Nutrients & Supplements






& More…

Dr. Donald Raden Raden Wellness Center

Dr. Donald Raden, MD

Dr. Raden will work with you to discuss your goals, interpret and analyze the objective data from various biomarkers, and thus provide personalized protocols to improve cellular efficiency.

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