Performance Health Program

The Ultimate Program to Track Your Performance.

This unique programs allows athletes of all levels – from elite to those just starting out – to understand their physical health in a deeper, more meaningful way and apply practical interventions to improve overall performance and well-being.

Through an in depth analysis, consultations with a designated Raden Wellness Coach, Peptide Therapy, IV Treatments, custom supplements and more, we ensure the body is operating at optimal health for better performance, quicker recovery, and vigorous health.

Program Details

Baseline Testing

Biometric Screening

Initial Consultation

Standard IV Infusion*

Standard Peptide*

*Standard IV Infusion and Standard Peptide are based on patients’ goals.  


30 Minute Initial Consultation
Baseline Labs
Biometric Screening
15 Minute Follow Up Consultation

All program participants receive 10% OFF Infusion & Peptide Therapy

We Support Your Goals

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Goals Include

Athletic Performance

Athletic Endurance

Athletic Recovery & Injury


Weight Loss

Muscle & Strength Gain

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