Raden at Home

The road to wellness is just around the corner, and so are we.

At Raden Wellness, we believe the best way to care for our patients, is where and when they need it the most, which is why we’re bringing one-on-one attention, straight to your door. Introducing Raden At Home, Custom Care from the Comfort of Your Home, Office, Friends House, or wherever you happen to be.

Designed around your needs, we excel at personalized, connected, and collaborative wellness. No more waiting in traffic or risking exposure in crowded waiting rooms and no more rushed visits. Instead, you’ll spend a minimum of 60 minutes with a Raden care provider, in your own home, in order to achieve optimal wellness.

Services Offered

  • Urgent Care Visits
  • Primary Care Checkups
  • Pediatric Care
  • Point of Care Testing
  • IV Therapy
  • Micronutrient Testing
  • COVID-19 Testing
  • COVID-19 Antibody Testing

IV Therapy at Home

Raden Wellness is excited to bring our highest-grade non-GMO vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, and minerals straight to your door. Sit back, relax and we’ll do the rest.

At Raden Wellness we believe IV therapy is the key to feeling better, faster. By providing optimal levels of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids at 100% absorption, IV therapy is an integral part of your wellness routine and necessary to look, feel, and perform at your best.

So whether you’re feeling under the weather or just trying to feel your best, skip the traffic and let us treat you wherever you feel most comfortable.

  • Skin + Collagen Helps with: hair, skin, collagen production.
    Best for: maintaining a youthful glow and appearance, enhanced hair and nail growth.

    Duration: 90 minutes
  • Athletic Recovery Helps with: hydration, performance, post-workout recovery.
    Best for: optimizing your athletic potential.

    Duration: 90 minutes
  • Athletic Recovery Helps with: hydration, performance, post-workout recovery.
    Best for: optimizing your athletic potential.

    Duration: 90 minutes
  • Lean Infusions Helps with: energy, metabolism, fat release.
    Best for: supporting weight loss goals.

    Duration: 30 minutes
  • Hydration Helps with: overall wellness.
    Best for: cold and flu, hangovers, jet lag, migraine, nausea, pregnancy.

    Duration: 60 minutes
  • Glutathione Helps with: detoxification, immunity, youthful skin.
    Best for: city dwellers, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, liver disease, lyme disease, parkinson’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

    Duration: 5 minutes | 10 minutes
  • Vitamin C Helps with: collagen production, energy, immunity.
    Best for: supporting your immune system, additional cancer treatment support, or recovery.

    Duration: 60 minutes | 50 minutes
  • Immune Push Helps with: immunity.
    Best for: preventing illness.

    Duration: 20 minutes
  • B-Well Intramuscular Injections Helps with: overall wellness, energy, and metabolism; corrects vitamin deficiencies.
    Best for: living your healthiest life

    Duration: 10 minutes
  • PC Helps with: detoxification.
    Best for: neurotoxicity, alzheimer’s, heart disease, multiple chemical sensitivity, lou gehrig’s, syndrome, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, liver disease.

    Duration: 60 minutes
  • Migraine Protocol Helps with: inflammation, nausea, hydration
    Best for: migraines (no ER wait)

    Duration: 15 minutes
  • CoQ10 Helps with: cardiovascular health and energy; a powerful antioxidant.
    Best for: a heart-healthy treatment plan.

    Duration: 10 minutes
  • Alpha-Lipoic Infusions Helps with: neuroprotective, cytoprotective, antihyperglycemic, antiviral activities.
    Best for: anti-inflammatory, liver conditions, diabetic peripheral neuropathies

    Duration: 30 minutes | 60 minutes
  • Vitamin U: A Customized Drip A custom drip based on your bloodwork, medical history, and vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiencies.
    Best for: your specific needs and goals

    Duration: 90 minutes
  • NAD+ Plus: Myer’s and Glutathione.
    Helps with: mood, energy, cognition, aging, athletic performance, cellular regeneration.
    Best for: adhd, addiction, alzheimer’s, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, memory loss, energy levels and endurance, joint pain, muscle weakness, parkinson’s, neurodegenerative diseases.

    Duration: 90 minutes | 120 minutes
  • Myer’s Cocktail Helps with: energy, metabolism, immunity, inflammation.
    Best for: general wellness, anxiety, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic sinusitis, colds, depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia.

    Duration: 15 minutes | 90 minutes

Service Area

The cost of Raden at Home is dependent on which service is needed. Please call to inquire for more information. In addition to the service cost, a destination fee will be applied.

  • Evanston
  • Mount Prospect
  • Arlington Heights
  • Des Plaines
  • Palatine
  • Skokie
  • Waukegan
  • Chicago
  • Northbrook
  • Deerfield
  • Lake Zurich
  • Gurnee