Raden Wellness is your fiercest ally in the pursuit of true healing and optimal health.

Focused on the patient as a whole, we employ thoughtful investigation and innovative medical testing to provide you with the tools to obtain and sustain your ideal health. Welcome to the future of medicine.
A healthier you awaits.

More than a functional medicine practice.

Raden Wellness believes in a multifunctional approach to care. Made up of four interdependent components: Wellness, Nutrition, IV and Shop, we curate personalized wellness plans that empower you to live your happiest, healthiest life.

Only about 20% of nutrients ingested are absorbed by the body. IV therapy can provide the essential nourishment you’re missing out on.

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A curated approach to health that gives patients of any age or stage of life the tools that claim lifelong health and vitality.

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By focusing on your unique metabolic needs, we put together a plan for healing that works for you.

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A collection of trusted supplements and botanicals tailored to support your daily health, recommended by our practitioners.

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Your ally in why.

As experts in both conventional and functional medicine, our practitioners employ the latest scientific research and comprehensive testing to discover and treat the biological reasons behind your symptoms, even for illnesses that may have gone unresolved for years.

Your health is our top priority, and we won’t stop until we uncover and address the root cause of your concerns.

Meet our experts in wellness.

Dr. Donald Raden
Integrative Physician
Raden Wellness
Dr. Mara Ivy Raden
Chief Director of Wellness
Raden IV
Hope England
Raden Wellness
Dr. Zishan Alam
Integrative Physician
Raden Wellness
Dr. Melissa Musec
Functional Psychiatrist
Raden Wellness
Dr. Leila Ortiz
Raden Wellness
Karen Raden
Integrative Nutritionist
Raden Nutrition
Dr. Michelle Smekens
Naturopathic Physician
Raden Wellness
Dr. Irina Tutunikov
Integrative Physician
Raden Wellness

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Our beautiful light-filled office is located on the north shore of Chicago, a short distance from the Highwood Metra station.

200 Green Bay Road, Floor 2
Highwood, Illinois 60040
Raden Wellness: (847) 235-2139
Raden IV: (847) 964-0326

Open weekdays 8am-5pm

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